Music Review- MaybeIBelonginaDumpster by Far From



Listen to MaybeIBelonginaDumpster.


Only a few hours prior to the publication of this post, Far From released a new music video for their song MaybeIBelonginaDumpster. If you have yet to hear their previous song, Witness, I highly recommend you give it a listen and read my review for it. If you have no clue about who Far From is, and have not read that review, they are a rising heavy metal band which consists of Treston Ebert (vocals), Taylor Simpson (guitar), Brian Jackel (bass), and George Pierce (drums).

The song is just over 4 minutes and 15 seconds long, yet the speed and intensity made it feel about half that length. The ending was stunningly drawn out, slowly fading out which allows for the song to come to a natural ending, rather than sounding forced.

The musical talent that both Taylor Simpson and Brian Jackel possess, is enough to make even the most cautious of us, want to try out a guitar or bass for ourselves. Together, Simpson and Jackel set the scene for the whole song, creating amazing breakdowns. George Pierce and Treston Ebert use their own skills to enhance this piece, and the four of them are making something truly harmonious. Ebert has a voice for screaming, and he does not hold back from doing just that. Pierce’s part on the drums plays a huge part in the tempo, indicating what can be expected.

The breaks in MaybeIBelonginaDumpster felt very natural, thanks to Pierce. Jackel and Simpson did not abruptly stop, they let themselves slow down as Pierce’s drumming grew softer. And as it picked up, within seconds, hearing anything other than Ebert’s voice would be a crime. Far From created art with this piece.

On the topic of art, the music video held an artistic position itself. As the song is ending, it focuses on Simpson, who carries himself with a softness that encompasses the end perfectly. The lighting and tone of the video portrays something delicate, something easily broken. It would have been more fitting to see a video that shot a harsher side, gave a sense of perseverance rather than giving in. Yet, it was still a beautiful song to both listen to, and watch.

What helped Far From get the rating they did, is that I can see the changes they have already made. Comparing MaybeIBelonginaDumpster to Witness, you can see the growth Far From already displays, and one can only sit back and applaud them for creating what they have. I hope to see them grow more as a band, and as individuals.


April Album Releases 2017

Just as we have done with the books, I figured a list of upcoming albums was convenient as well. My musical taste ranges from jazz to metal, so I am more than willing to hear any recommendations from you. For now, this list will consist solely of bands I am already familiar with, but I have no reservations about adding to it.

  1. Lovely, Little, Lonely by The Maine
  2. Coming Home by Falling in Reverse
  3. Something Else by The Cranberries
  4. Memories: Do Not Open by The Chainsmokers
  5. Makes Me Sick by New Found Glory

There is not too many, but as I previously stated, I am very excited to hear about any new music that you think I should give a listen to. Leave your recommendations in the comments, and I will be sure to add it to my list!

April Book Releases 2017

I decided to compile a list of the books that interest me most, that are being released in the month coming up. Please, vote in the comments for what you would like to see a review on, or if there are any books I did not include that you feel I should. I will do my best to get a hold of these books, and work through them (with you) throughout April.

  1. The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli– Seventeen year-old, Molly Peskin, avoids dating because she does not want to risk facing rejection, and as an overweight teen, she always treads carefully around boys. Her and her twin sister, Cassie, are best friends and follow that rule, do not date, stick together. Until, Cassie falls for a cute girl. Suddenly, Molly is left stranded without her best friend, trying to navigate the love minefield between an adorable hipster boy, and Reid, her chubby, yet adorkable, coworker.
  2. The Inconceivable Life of Quinn by Marianna Baer– Quinn Cutler is sixteen years old, the daughter of a famous Brooklyn politician, and pregnant without any memories of engaging in any sexual acts. Her story threatens her relationship, and jeopardize her father`s highly-esteemed position in society. Quinn must seek the answers to this mystery, and face the fact that maybe, just maybe, she is carrying the next messiah.
  3. Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett– Bailey Rydell, a movie buff, has fallen for a witty film geek, Alex, who lives in California. Afraid to finally meet him, Bailey does not bother telling Alex that she is now living in the same town, or that she is constantly being heckled by Porter Roth, her coworker. As the summer starts coming to a close, Bailey must make a choice between dreamy fantasy with Alex or the imperfect reality of Porter, which is made much more complicated when the secret spills that Porter is Alex.
  4. Definitions of Indefinable Things by Whitney Taylor– Reggie Mason is all too familiar with depression, and firmly believes that the only way to stay safe is to not let anyone in. And then, she meets Snake, and indie director narcissist with a 7 months pregnant ex, who pushes her to rethink her rules to protecting herself.
  5. The End of Our Story by Meg Haston– Bridge and Wil have been together for years, until she betrayed Wil, shattering both his heart and their relationship. A year later, Wil suffers from a violent loss and Bridge is the first one at his side. Together, they must try to overcome the pain of the past and relearn how to love each other.
  6. Lucky Girl by Amanda Maciel– Rosie has always been beautiful, and she has always known this. When her best friend, Maddie, comes back from a trip abroad, Rosie is finally challenged and does not like it. She is not thrilled about someone being prettier than her, especially when they steal her football hookup, but she is able to look over it when Alex shows up. A semi-famous student due to stopping a school shooting, he sees right through her looks, to the Rosie hidden inside. After a particular party, something happens that ruins everything Rosie once believed and she must face that all that glitters is not gold, and set out on a path to rediscover herself.

Please, comment below your vote on which book interests you the most, and I will see you again next time. I have a lot planned these next few months, so make sure you are regularly checking in!

Music Review- Witness by Far From


Listen to Witness.


For our first music review, we have chosen Witness by an aspiring heavy metal band, Far From. In this band, we have George Pierce on drums, Brian Jackel on bass, Taylor Simpson on guitar, and Treston Ebert as vocals.

The intro to Witness is about 4 seconds long, but those first few notes are enough for the listener to know how heavy the song is. It sets the mood for the song, and is an indication of the speed, and talent, you are listening to.

Treston Ebert has a thick voice, made for the type of vocals he is doing. He has constructed the right vocal melody to make even the softest of us want to headbang. Screaming is not for everyone, but it is undeniable that Ebert is able to incorporate his passion into his vocalist skills.

Two of my, personal, favourite lines are “Why do we have to fight for peace?” and “It’s useless to meet revenge with revenge.” Violence is something we are becoming desensitized to, and Far From is trying to tell their listeners that. We go in these circles, taking life for life, and most of us do not bother to stop and ask “Why are doing this?” Far From writes incredibly meaningful lyrics in Witness, and it really allows for us to question our own lust for pain and revenge. Heavy metal is also thought to promote violence and death, so the contrast between the music and the lyrics adds a considerable amount to the song.

The rhythm and melody of Witness is good, however there are some pauses in the music that almost seem unnatural. Near the end, there is near silence before the song wraps up, making it feel as though something is missing. When Ebert takes a break from screaming, all we here is either bass and/or the guitar, making those pauses quieter and softer. There is nothing wrong with that, as it indicates typically a change, but most people expect a few lines of singing when that happens. So when Ebert comes back in, as loud as before, it makes the whole song appear to be repetitive.

I am looking forward to another song, or hopefully an album, to be released because Far From has quite a lot of potential, which tends to be more and more rare in the music scene. They have raw talent, and bring up real issues in their song, Witness. If they are given the opportunity, I have no doubt Far From will grow stronger as a band and be able to create something truly beautiful.


What is art?

Couldn’t get enough of me? Found the about page to boring and straight-forward? Don’t worry, now’s your chance to really understand what is going on.

Let’s get the professional information out of the way first. This blog is simply on online space for me, the author, to share my thoughts on a variety of topics. I will be trying to keep up with the newest music and book releases, however you can definitely expect to hear a few reviews pertaining to older pieces. I am currently working through Songs In Ordinary Time, by Mary McGarry Morris, and plan to review it at some point this month. On top of this, I also plan to be expressing my personal opinions on current world issues and celebrities. What makes me qualified to think anything about any of these areas? I believe that the fact that I am a being capable of thought, gives me enough right to express my opinions. I will never claim to know what I don’t or say that I am right in thinking something, but I am as entitled to my thoughts as each of you are.

A large part of me loved the thought of staying anonymous, but seeing how I have the links to three of my main social media platforms at the bottom of my blog, that seems unlikely. I am not big on introducing myself, or talking about my likes and dislikes in general. All you need to know, is that my name is Alexandra. I have a deep love for the aesthetic side to life, and prefer to view the world as beautiful rather than destructive. My first passion is art, my second is travel, and any/all my relationships cannot compete with those first two loves.

What is art? I am sure art and beauty vary from person to person, this is not an easily answered question. For me, art is everything that holds an aesthetic value. Paintings, plays, literature, music, these are all the common themes when one thinks about art. I believe art is much more. Art is the way the sunlight dapples through the tree leaves, the reflections of colour in sidewalk puddles, the dance of each snowflake as it falls, the melodious tones to someone’s voice, each smile and each tear. Art is what we see, how we feel, our thoughts and our emotions and our subconscious. Art is all around us, within us, most importantly, art is us.

The world, and all things in it, are beautiful and I hope that my reviews help you fall more in love with everything you come in contact with. I hope you read these words and take something from them, even if it is as simple as listening to the song I talked about, or reading the book. I hope you learn to step outside your comfort zone, leave what you know behind, and take the risk of trying something new.