April Album Releases 2017

Just as we have done with the books, I figured a list of upcoming albums was convenient as well. My musical taste ranges from jazz to metal, so I am more than willing to hear any recommendations from you. For now, this list will consist solely of bands I am already familiar with, but I have no reservations about adding to it.

  1. Lovely, Little, Lonely by The Maine
  2. Coming Home by Falling in Reverse
  3. Something Else by The Cranberries
  4. Memories: Do Not Open by The Chainsmokers
  5. Makes Me Sick by New Found Glory

There is not too many, but as I previously stated, I am very excited to hear about any new music that you think I should give a listen to. Leave your recommendations in the comments, and I will be sure to add it to my list!


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