Music Review- Witness by Far From



Listen to Witness.


For our first music review, we have chosen Witness by an aspiring heavy metal band, Far From. In this band, we have George Pierce on drums, Brian Jackel on bass, Taylor Simpson on guitar, and Treston Ebert as vocals.

The intro to Witness is about 4 seconds long, but those first few notes are enough for the listener to know how heavy the song is. It sets the mood for the song, and is an indication of the speed, and talent, you are listening to.

Treston Ebert has a thick voice, made for the type of vocals he is doing. He has constructed the right vocal melody to make even the softest of us want to headbang. Screaming is not for everyone, but it is undeniable that Ebert is able to incorporate his passion into his vocalist skills.

Two of my, personal, favourite lines are “Why do we have to fight for peace?” and “It’s useless to meet revenge with revenge.” Violence is something we are becoming desensitized to, and Far From is trying to tell their listeners that. We go in these circles, taking life for life, and most of us do not bother to stop and ask “Why are doing this?” Far From writes incredibly meaningful lyrics in Witness, and it really allows for us to question our own lust for pain and revenge. Heavy metal is also thought to promote violence and death, so the contrast between the music and the lyrics adds a considerable amount to the song.

The rhythm and melody of Witness is good, however there are some pauses in the music that almost seem unnatural. Near the end, there is near silence before the song wraps up, making it feel as though something is missing. When Ebert takes a break from screaming, all we here is either bass and/or the guitar, making those pauses quieter and softer. There is nothing wrong with that, as it indicates typically a change, but most people expect a few lines of singing when that happens. So when Ebert comes back in, as loud as before, it makes the whole song appear to be repetitive.

I am looking forward to another song, or hopefully an album, to be released because Far From has quite a lot of potential, which tends to be more and more rare in the music scene. They have raw talent, and bring up real issues in their song, Witness. If they are given the opportunity, I have no doubt Far From will grow stronger as a band and be able to create something truly beautiful.

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