What is art?


Couldn’t get enough of me? Found the about page to boring and straight-forward? Don’t worry, now’s your chance to really understand what is going on.

Let’s get the professional information out of the way first. This blog is simply on online space for me, the author, to share my thoughts on a variety of topics. I will be trying to keep up with the newest music and book releases, however you can definitely expect to hear a few reviews pertaining to older pieces. I am currently working through Songs In Ordinary Time, by Mary McGarry Morris, and plan to review it at some point this month. On top of this, I also plan to be expressing my personal opinions on current world issues and celebrities. What makes me qualified to think anything about any of these areas? I believe that the fact that I am a being capable of thought, gives me enough right to express my opinions. I will never claim to know what I don’t or say that I am right in thinking something, but I am as entitled to my thoughts as each of you are.

A large part of me loved the thought of staying anonymous, but seeing how I have the links to three of my main social media platforms at the bottom of my blog, that seems unlikely. I am not big on introducing myself, or talking about my likes and dislikes in general. All you need to know, is that my name is Alexandra. I have a deep love for the aesthetic side to life, and prefer to view the world as beautiful rather than destructive. My first passion is art, my second is travel, and any/all my relationships cannot compete with those first two loves.

What is art? I am sure art and beauty vary from person to person, this is not an easily answered question. For me, art is everything that holds an aesthetic value. Paintings, plays, literature, music, these are all the common themes when one thinks about art. I believe art is much more. Art is the way the sunlight dapples through the tree leaves, the reflections of colour in sidewalk puddles, the dance of each snowflake as it falls, the melodious tones to someone’s voice, each smile and each tear. Art is what we see, how we feel, our thoughts and our emotions and our subconscious. Art is all around us, within us, most importantly, art is us.

The world, and all things in it, are beautiful and I hope that my reviews help you fall more in love with everything you come in contact with. I hope you read these words and take something from them, even if it is as simple as listening to the song I talked about, or reading the book. I hope you learn to step outside your comfort zone, leave what you know behind, and take the risk of trying something new.

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